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Reprogramaciones serivicios


All our services will be performed by qualified personnel to obtain the expected result since our purpose is to guarantee the best service and repair.



We carry out personalized reprogramming for each vehicle, increasing its power and reducing consumption. This is done in our facilities, we do not delegate tasks to third parties, so the delivery time of the vehicle is much shorter.

* Power increases will always be within the vehicle's reliable limits.
** The equipment we use to carry out these works is totally original.



We carry out all kinds of coding and updates to the control unit and modules for a wide variety of vehicles.

With this service we manage most of the time to avoid the replacement of the part, saving repair costs for our clients.



We recover the original information from most of the vehicle's control units and units. Once the information is extracted, we use a recovered or second-hand unit to enter the original information recovered, thus returning the correct operation of the piece.


Setting Immobilizer / IMMO OFF

We set the immobilizer when the vehicle stops starting or manages to start after several attempts.

We always try to restore these settings to the original factory settings but sometimes this involves the replacement of one or more parts of the vehicle, thus increasing the cost of repair. In these cases we have the option to remove this protection (IMMO OFF).


Electronic faults / DTC errors Control units

We carry out repairs of all kinds of electronic breakdowns in vehicles, avoiding in many cases the replacement of the part, thus reducing repair costs.


Maintenance / Fast mechanics

Maintenance service for any vehicle always with quality spare parts and respecting the manufacturer's recommendations.

This service includes: oil change, filters, brake pads, suspension etc.

El cliente debe tener en cuenta que la eliminación de los sistemas EGR no es legal en algunos países, especialmente en la Unión Europea, dado que las emisiones de gases contaminantes no se encontraran dentro de los límites establecidos por las normas Euro4, Euro5 o Euro6.
Este producto se ofrece a vehículos que circulen en países donde las normas EURO no sean vigentes.

La eliminación del sistema EGR es decisión del cliente y por lo tanto es el responsable de dicha eliminación.
Repromatronic no asume ninguna responsabilidad derivada del uso de los vehículos con el sistema EGR desactivado, en países donde las normas EURO sean de obligado cumplimiento.

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